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Here awaits a soulful beautiful serene thrilling

experience for you

Discover Tranquility at

Soul Stories, Mussoorie

Experience the enchantment of the mountains with a stay at Soul Stories, nestled in the heart of Garhwal's peaceful village. Our exclusive Mussoorie holiday home blends modern sophistication with nature's pristine beauty, offering a unique sanctuary


The Logos

2 Bedrooms Luxury Villa | Starting at: ₹28,000/Per Night

Experience the majesty of the ocean at The Logos. This exceptional 2-bedroom, 1700 sqft wooden chalet in Mussoorie provides a one-of-a-kind stay on the gentle waves, where luxury meets the ocean's splendor.

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The Glass House

2 Bed Room Luxury Villa | Starting at: ₹28,000/Per Night

The Glass House in Mussoorie is a serene escape for families. This 2-bedroom luxury retreat, spanning 1700 sqft, serves as your private oasis for peace and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle.

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soul-stories luxury villas Mussoorie

The Thymos

One Bedroom Luxury Villa | Starting at ₹15,000/Per Night

Embark on an unparalleled journey at The Eros and The Thymos. These one-bedroom, 800 sqft wooden chalets in Mussoorie offer a unique oceanic stay, floating tranquilly offshore for an exclusive water bungalow experience.

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soul-stories luxury villas Mussoorie

The Eros

One Bedroom Luxury Villa | Starting at ₹15,000/Per Night

One-bedroom villas provide a luxurious and comfortable retreat for those seeking a private and intimate stay experience with all the essential amenities and more.

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The Wooden Chalet

4 Bedrooms Luxury Villa | Starting at ₹55,000/Per Night

This villa features a fireplace. Boasting a private entrance, this air-conditioned villa includes 2 living room, 4 separate bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with a bath and a shower. The spacious villa offers a tea and coffee maker, a seating area, a wardrobe, a flat-screen TV with cable channels, as well as mountain views. The Wooden Chalet has 4 bedroom which accommodates 8 pax..

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Nestled right in the middle of a natural juxtaposition. Soul Stories is more than a villa or resort; it's an unforgettable experience for you and your whole family.

Dining Area

A beautiful common dining area that can seat up to 20 members is located close to the rooms

Terrace Bar & Grills

Blend together with the sensational view from the terrace and the exquisite taste of the food & bar, available for all guests.

Stunning views, outstanding service, and michelin star dining.

soul-stories luxury villas Mussoorie
Soul Stories

Luxury Meets Nature in Mussoorie

Soul Stories is not just a destination, but an experience. Located at the perfect junction of earth and sky in Mussoorie, it offers more than a villa or resort experience – it's a journey into nature's heart, wrapped in luxury

The best of both worlds; Refreshing greenery with scenic mountain views.

Bachelor / Family Parties

Corporate Events

soul stories logo

From the founder of Soul Stories

Atop serene peaks, Soul Stories gently lies,
Beneath the tender glow of alpine skies.
A villa of luxury, amidst nature's embrace,
Where tranquility and grace fill the space.

Whispers of pines, under starlit veils,
Tell tales of peace in their soft, hushed wails.
Here, where wilderness and comfort blend,
Souls find calm, and weary hearts mend.

Your Mussoorie Dream Vacation Awaits

Get ready for a journey filled with discovery, relaxation, and wonder.

Soul Stories in Mussoorie invites you to an
extraordinary experience, far from the ordinary

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reconnect with your soul 

reconnect with your soul 

reconnect with your soul 

reconnect with your soul 

reconnect with your soul 

reconnect with your soul